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밍군사야도의 '마하붓다완사'중 깨닫는 날에 일어난 일 부분이 한글로 완역되고 있습니다.

Young KAB Social Network

Learn Buddhist Meditation!

Buddhist meditations are famous and you don't need to be a Buddhist to learn them. After reviewing reading materials and available videos about Buddhist meditation, you just need a small space to sit in to practice meditation. That is all! You can reduce your mental stress free. YKABA is a Social Network.


Blogs for You and Your Pets!

Following the Buddhist ideology, your pets or any beloved animals can be allowed as members (living or deceased). You should be the responsible person to maintain the blogs yourself for your pets/ animals, though. YKABA is a Social Network.

Create Your Own Interest Groups!

Members can enjoy freedom of creating any interest groups tailored for their own use or meditation groups with Cyber Temples for a global inter-connection. The web tools implemented here and cyber spaces YKABA provides with are free and for the benefits of all the people. YKABA is a Social Network.